7 Years Of Marriage in Numbers

Patrick and I are fast approaching our 7th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe it has been seven years since we said “I do”, yet we have managed to fit so much into that time (mostly kids!) and we seem to have the lifestyle of a much older, longer-married couple!

I’ve been doing some calculations because I’m fun like that (#yaymaths, amirite), and here are some of the numbers that represents our marriage. Over seven years there have been:

  • 3 house-moves (from my parents’ attic, to a maisonette, to a 2-bed flat, to our 3-bed house)
  • 25 holidays (1 caravan break to Dorset; 1 caravan break to Tenby; 1 caravan break in the Isle of Wight; 1 beach-side house in Swanage; 8 trips to my auntie’s house in Dorset; 1 luxury apartment in Mallorca; 1 luxury treehouse safari in Kent; 2 weeks in Turkey; 1 week skiing in Bulgaria; 2 tipi camping breaks; 1 luxury hotel in Greece; 2 weekends in Cardiff; 4 trips to Center Parcs)
  • 3 children born
  • Around 20 pieces of flat-pack furniture assembled
  • A few 1am, exhausted arguments
  • A few 2am, exhausted make-up cuddles
  • 26 family birthdays
  • Around 9,000 baby nappy changes by me
  • Around 9,000 baby nappy changes by Patrick (#legend)
  • Around 100 daddy-daughter dates where he takes all three girls for the day, (and this is always HIS idea <3 )
  • 99 discussions about whether we should have another baby
  • 2,552 dinners cooked by me
  • 3 dinners cooked by Patrick
  • 15 Toby Carvery meals
  • Countless kisses
  • 60 Subway sandwiches
  • 8 pets (1 chameleon; 1 tortoise; 1 hamster; 1 corn snake, 2 fish and 2 African snails)
  • 4,122 arguments about ground coffee spilled on the kitchen worktop
  • 3.49 million arguments about why the bathroom floor is soaking wet after he has been in the shower
  • 94 questions as to whether I might be a tad hormonal
  • 94 denials that I am hormonal
  • 94 apologies for being hormonal
  • 1000 ‘maybe’ ideas for the future
  • 3 churches that we’ve attended
  • 1 church we have joined together as a family <3
  • 1 plan to go on a round the world trip with our kids (that is FINALLY going to happen!)
  • Countless hopes, dreams, prayers and cuddles.

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