Full time travel: We are going on a Round The World trip with kids!

Decision made: A family RTW trip is happening!

It’s all a bit too exciting- after much thought, deliberation, hard graft and praying, we have finally decided to bite the bullet and take the kids on a family round the world trip!

Are we excited? Yes! Are we crazy? Almost certainly- but what is life without a smidgen of madness every now and then. We have been thinking about doing something like this since Patrick and I embarked on our loved-up courtship in our teens. The memories made when we backpacked around South East Asia together are some of our most treasured, and we are so happy and privileged that we will hopefully get to make more with our kids.

We have between 4-6 months to arrange everything that we need before we leave London. This includes making a budget; sorting visas; booking flights; getting vaccines; arranging travel bank accounts; finding initial accommodation and a vague itinerary. That’s after we sell or give away everything in our house, close down our utilities, say goodbye to friends and family and leave our rental home- perhaps forever.

It’s a big job and having just started to sort through the attic (can you believe how many baby clothes we accumulate over a few years?!) I can understand why people talk about doing a round the world trip with kids but decide that ultimately it is too much hassle. It’s a lot of work! However, nothing worth doing is easy and from personal experience, the most difficult or intense things are the most worthwhile- just look at raising kids!

We are starting to put together a tentative itinerary, but our plans and God’s are like a Venn diagram drawn by a toddler; we have no idea how the kids will react to different countries or what opportunities will come up so we are open to anything. At the moment we are thinking of heading to Sri Lanka as our first destination; having been to India and Thailand it is somewhere that has always been on our bucket list and it has abundant wildlife that we think the kids will love. It’s also relatively cheap! After Sri Lanka we will probably hop up to India and then perhaps into Nepal. Suggestions and advice on choosing our destinations is very welcome, so let us know where you have enjoyed travelling with your family!


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Travel journalists, home educating our lovely brood of 3 girls. Planning a year-long RTW trip late Summer 2017.

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