Resolutions of a Home School Parent

New Year’s Resolutions  for a Home School Parent

Happy New Year, everyone, and may it have fewer political atrocities than the last. Tt couldn’t get worse- could it?. As a family we had a good 2016, are super thankful for God’s provision (cheers to the big G) and are really looking forward to what 2017 will bring. We will cherish the highs and try to appreciate the character building opportunities of the low times. With a ski holiday to Bulgaria booked for mid-January we are already getting excited about fresh, snowy and potential deadly adventures (death check: wolves, mountains, avalanches, snowstorms, too much moaning, loss of wifi >2 hrs).

One thing that always fascinates me is New Year’s resolutions. As a general cynic I can’t understand why people wait to be dictated to by constructed cycles of time and extrinsic motivation to achieve their goals. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing pronto, no?

This year, however, I have renewed appreciation for the concept of resolutions. It just seems like as good a time as any to take stock of bad habits that may have built up, or to set goals to change things for the better. As a home educating family, any habits affect the household pretty much all of the time and it would be great if we changed our idiosyncrasies to benefit each other. I’m not working to an arbitrary clock, I genuinely desire to improve my behaviour (I have no interest to achieve a Victoria’s Secret body; I want to spend my energy on things that will help people and positively impact my family and community. My husband can deal). I will also totally not punish or moan at myself if I don’t get these things done; by doing my best I was Enough last year and I’ll be Enough this year, too.

So here goes, my list of things that I would kinda-shoulda-sorta-like-to improve upon in 2017:

1. Pray with purpose. As a follower of Jesus I believe that prayer is one of the most impactful and important things I can do. I’d like to intentionally carve out time to do this each day and keep a prayer journal to see what comes of it.

2. Play with my kids more. This might seem slightly overkill for a home educating family where we spend most of our time together, but much of that is dominated by the constant challenge of keeping the toddler alive. At least five four three times a week I’d like to play  a board game with Eldest and Middle Miss (5 + 4 years old), where the toddler isn’t stomping all over it or eating the pieces. Poor, traumatised Monopoly dog has been where no canine should have to go.

3. Be more efficient with paperwork. I am really bad at leaving paperwork on the countertop for days and procrastinating. I’d like to have a 48 hour turnaround time (HA!) so I can feel all free and breezy like those women who go cycling in white shorts in the tampon adverts.

4. Buy some white shorts and a bicycle.


Oh and number 5 would be to stop swearing. Sheesh kebabs I am pretty bad when it comes to that. It’s not a good feeling when your five year old looks up at you with her big, innocent eyes and asks “Mummy, what is ‘For Foxes Sake’?”. Ick. So that’s going on the list (ironically the success of 5 will probably have a directly positive correlational relationship with the attainment of the other 4 goals, so it might be a sink-or-swim kinda thing).

What resolutions did you make, if any? And if not, why? (I’m assuming it’s coz your already completely fab, in which case, go you with bells on).

Peace out, y’all.

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