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Adventure Travel Family: Who are we?

Hi there! Welcome to the official site of Adventure Travel Family, where we do family life a little differently. This page is a good place to start and to ask the question: who the heck are you guys?! Here are the answers:

Patrick: The quiet, long-suffering Irish head of this family has a looot of hair… and even more patience. The only male in the household, Patrick is a self confessed expert on My Little Pony, Disney theme tunes and female hormones (he sets email alerts to himself at *ahem* ‘potentially tricky’ times of the month). Patrick is passionate about health and fitness, especially running. He knocked out a 2 hr 44 minute time for his first London marathon and hopes to participate in sports charity events whilst on our travels. In his spare time you can find Patrick doing pull-ups whilst listening to preaches and reading about politics.

Hannah: Welsh blood and a Croydon upbringing are a fiery mix. I’m the ‘ideas’ person of the family; thankfully I have Patrick to slow me down (a bit, anyway). Travel has always been my favourite thing and I love my job as a travel journalist, but not as much as I love being a parent. I’ve been lucky enough to have experiences from dancing with the Maasai in Kenya on my 18th birthday, to cooking for 50-odd street children in India, to riding those crazy simulators at Universal Studios in the USA. I am impatient, honest and straightforward and I believe that children are a great and underrated gift to the world.

Esmae: Our wise, sensitive soul, Esmae has a heart of gold and is the first one to call us parents out if we are being grouchy or rude. She loves art and singing and is a little night-owl who spends her evenings covered in glitter glue and sellotape, making her artistic creations while her sisters sleep.

Eira: Our fiesta little firecracker. Eira’s name means ‘snow’ in Welsh and ‘fire’ in Irish, and this sums her up perfectly. She climbs everything like a monkey on steroids and her favourite thing is meals of just one food; she loves to eat an entire bowl of peas or cheese.  Her passion is animals and she constantly amazes us with her wildlife knowledge!

Elfie: Our shining sunbeam, Elfie was born very chilled out in the bath at home after a quick labour and has been loving life ever since. She is almost always happy but is quick to let her sisters know if they get in her way- she has that third child survival spirit for sure!

So that’s us! One thing that is super important to us as a family is our faith. Patrick and I follow Jesus wholeheartedly and every aspect of our lives is designed to glorify Him. The kids are on their own spiritual journey and are free to do what they like; we don’t believe that forcing kids to attend church helps to nourish a healthy relationship with God.

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